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Terms & Conditions


The following terms and conditions include the terms of use of the website ("Website") on which MAIRA Swimwear (company name) products are sold.

We recommend that you read these terms and conditions before using the Website; and we would like to state that in case you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you should not use the Website.

MAIRA Swimwear is open to use of all its members and other visitors.

However, the right to access the website of the members and / or visitors who perform one or more of the following conditions may be banned by the MAIRA Swimwear team and MAIRA Swimwear may exercise its full legal rights.

- Registering incorrect, incomplete and misleading information to the Website; 

- Uploading and / or registering statements / images which are not in accordance with the general code of ethics and the contents prohibited under any legislation in force;

- Partial or complete copying of the Website content;

- Entering the information of third persons to the site, using their IP addresses and carrying out any act that causes any kind of damage to third persons and/or MAIRA Swimwear;

- Performing activities that will threaten the security of the Website and which will interfere with the functioning of the site, software, contents and systems used; stealing, changing, deleting information,

MAIRA Swimwear is not responsible for any direct and / or indirect damages that may arise from the occurrence of one or more of the above-mentioned acts. 

MAIRA Swimwear does not accept any responsibility in case of interruption of the process, error, neglect, interruption, deletion, loss, delayed process or communication, computer virus, communication error, fraud, destruction or unauthorized entry into the records, change or use of records as a result of violation of contract, tort, negligence or other reasons.

MAIRA Swimwear is the owner of all image, information, design, logo, icon, technical data, software and other technical structure, and related intellectual and industrial property rights especially the domain name and all these data are under legal protection. No data contained on the Website may be used, reproduced, copied, modified, republished, and partially or fully uploaded to another computer without the prior written consent of Maira Swimwear. MAIRA Swimwear reserves its legal rights against those who perform or attempt to perform all aforementioned actions. All other rights of MAIRA Swimwear which are not expressly mentioned here in are reserved.